Contouring with Control Top Pantyhose

Control top pantyhose is a pantyhose that aim to give a firmer look and feel. Pantyhose is generally a pair of stockings sewn on to underpants. Control top pantyhose can be worn even without any undergarments or panties beneath it. Control top pantyhose replaced the girdle of the past years by offering a more breathable option of shaping and contouring the problem parts of body. Control top pantyhose is regarded as the pantyhose of choice for women who love wearing clothes that are made out of sheer or impressionable fabrics to avoid VPLs or visible panty lines.

Components of control top pantyhose

The waist area of control top pantyhose is made with Lycra fibers that offer a stronger and firmer hold than the control offered by elastic or nylon. The material comprising the panty part of the control top pantyhose is made from a slightly thicker material than the one covering the legs to support the fuller shape of the hips and waist area. The waist area may have extra panels of durable material sewn onto the sides and the crotch area to allow for more expandability and support for the wearer. Though it does not effectively shape or cover some problem areas, it helps by loosely firming up some target problem areas. Control top pantyhose can also be combined with support pantyhose for the legs. This offers a much-needed support and lift especially for those with circulation problems.

Control top pantyhose sizes

Control top pantyhose is designed to provide support and shape to the tummy and buttocks, the common problems areas of the body. Although control top pantyhose is usually more suitable for women with body shapes in the full-figured range, sizes for plus-size women are also available. Many women who are not full-figured or plus-sized also wear control top pantyhose for the support it gives them in the problem areas. Though most pantyhose can fit women up to five feet and eight inches in height, tall women can have problems in choosing the right pantyhose size. Fortunately, control top pantyhose in tall varieties are also available in most department stores.

Non-control top pantyhose

The support that control top pantyhose offers may be seen as restrictive and constricting by some women, so they turn to non-control top pantyhose or those that are sheer up to the waist. Non-control top pantyhose that’s sheer up to the waist is used when wearing clothing or dresses with exceptionally high slits.


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