Run Away from Runs on Your Pantyhose

Pantyhose are the most fragile undergarments that women wear and at the same time they are an essential part of the outfit. Whether you have a cheap pantyhose bought at the drugstore or an expensive blend of nylon and spandex, runs will inevitably appear if not put on properly. Runs (or ladders as they call them in the UK) can ruin a date, a business meeting or in the worst case the whole day. So before putting on a pair of nylons, it’s best to observe these simple rules:

  1. Remove any hand and arm jewelry such as rings and bracelets before putting on a pair of pantyhose. A pantyhose can get caught and torn when these accessories come into contact with it.
  2. Gently stretch the pantyhose prior to putting it on. It is also advisable to roll or bunch down the pantyhose and slowly glide it up the leg when putting it on instead of sticking your leg into it.
  3. Cut toenails short and blunt. Many runs start even before the pantyhose can get past the ankles, as it gets caught with the nail from the big toe. Excess skin or nail could catch the nylon so toenails should be trimmed cleanly. It would be advisable to apply a little lotion or foot crème before putting on the pantyhose.
  4. Make sure that the your legs are smooth. Uneven patches of dry skin or prickly leg surfaces may snag the delicate material used in pantyhose. Though pantyhose is generally used to hide leg hair (or the stubble that grows a few days after shaving) and other leg imperfections, it would be wise to moisturize the legs with cream or lotion (if using a razor to solve the problem is out of the question). This smoothes out the dry patches making the surface of legs smoother. The lotion acts like grease or lubricant, making it easy for the pantyhose to glide up onto the legs.
  5. Make sure that your hands are smooth. Applying a dollop of hand cream or lotion onto fingers will help smooth out any rough patches of skin on hands that can snag the fragile nylon of pantyhose. It would also be best to keep fingernails short or buffly trimmed so the nylon fabric won’t get caught as well.

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