Colors and Designs of a Pantyhose

Pantyhose is an essential part of a woman’s outfit. They are also perfect for hiding skin blemishes, enhancing the tone or color, and providing support and contour to the torso area. A pair of sheer pantyhose is a staple piece in the wardrobes of women working in the corporate setting, as wearing pantyhose gives them an air of professionalism and modesty. However, there are other types of pantyhose that serve more than just functional purposes for the wearer. The pantyhose has been used by dancers and entertainers as supplements for their costumes during performances. As such, many variations in design and style are available.

Colors of pantyhose

Perhaps one of the more commonly used hosiery for costume purposes are those in darker shades. Though most women wear pantyhose in darker colors in an everyday setting to create an illusion of slimmer legs, dark-colored hosiery can also be worn as part of costumes for different themes.

A pantyhose also comes in different colors such as red, navy, and gray and other more creative descriptions of the hues such as paprika, forest, and ash. Pantyhose in different unnatural colors are used not only for costume purposes, but also worn as statement pieces for individuals who are fashion-forward.

Designs of pantyhose

Pantyhose designs also vary not only in color, but in the weave or knit of the fabric. Fishnet stockings are one of the popular unconventional hosiery that women use. These have open weaves of fabric and look like its namesake. But unlike the kind of netting used for functional purposes, fishnet stockings are flexible enough to conform to the body and leg shape of the wearer. This type of pantyhose offers coverage but gives more ventilation than that offered by regular pantyhose. Pantyhose with larger weave designs are called fence net stockings, but are used solely for decorative or costume purposes.

In the early days of hosiery, most stockings and pantyhose had seams running at the back of the legs. These seams were then considered one of the few boons of sheer hosiery, the ones that confirmed that a woman is wearing a pantyhose. Though seamless stockings have provided a solution to this fashion conundrum, seams are in style for costumes and performance purposes. Cuban heel pantyhose is a popular variety, which has darker seams running at the back of the leg of sheer pantyhose legs, while the heels and soles are in a darker shade that offer more reinforcement to prevent tearing.

Printed pantyhose can be used to spice up the outfit. Designs such as stripes and polka dots are fairly common fare, though there are other creative styles available in the market to suit the needs of every woman.


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