Common Solutions to Pantyhose Problems

So you forgot to take off that bracelet before putting on your stockings. Or, you might have followed all the steps in putting on the pantyhose the right way. However, accidents always happen, and you now have a tiny, barely perceptible hole in the fabric of your hose. You don’t have another pair in your bag or you are in the middle of your commute and you don’t know where to buy pantyhose. If you don’t stop it in it’s tracks, what started out as a small peek in the fabric of your pantyhose will eventually announce its presence to all by climbing up the length of your leg and exposing the bare flesh beneath it. This seemingly innocuous event can be a bit of problem if one is wearing dark-colored pantyhose over light-complexioned skin, effectively ruining a date or a business meeting.

So even before that little tear progresses into a gaping hole over your knee or whichever part of your leg, be sure to stop it with these little tips and tricks.

Switch your hose around

If the tear is in a prominent place, see if you can hide it by switching your hose around. Hide a tear that used to be on top of your foot by flipping the hose so it now rests on the heel and is hidden from sight.

Paint it over with nail-polish

Have a bottle of clear nail polish in your bag or drawer at work. For a colored pair of pantyhose, gather the sides of the tear in your fingers and paint over it. Hold it closed while waiting for the polish to dry, then paint on another layer.

For a sheer natural-tone pantyhose, you can paint on a layer over the offending area and wait until it dries. After drying, paint on another layer to reinforce it. Makes sure to cover the areas around the tear for the fabric to stiffen and the tear not to get any larger.

Clear polish works well with any color or shade of pantyhose, but if you don’t have a bottle of clear polish at hand, any color polish will do as long as the tear is not in any prominent or noticeable area.

Spritz on with hairspray

Hairspray or any other spray-on hair styling product with strong hold can also help retard the progress of a run as it stiffens the fabric around it, the same way it provides hold for your hairstyle. Cut off any excess thread or nylon from the tear, gather the sides of the tear and spritz on the hairspray. Let it dry for a few minutes before moving.


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